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Legal Rights

The copyright of this site belongs to “Aret Ticaret Saç Fırça Sanayi”. The terms of use and privacy policy that should be known to users visiting the site are described below. Users are deemed to have fully accepted the terms and conditions stated below.

All information, tables, news, visuals, content, figures, etc. in the www.elsafirca.com site. contents are presented to inform the user. Elsa Fırça reserves the right to make changes in the existing content on the site. Elsa Fırça cannot be held responsible in any way for damages arising from these changes, existing content and information, or problems arising from the inability to access the site.

Users can only use the site for information purposes, and the content on the site cannot be copied, reproduced, used without the written consent of Elsa Fırça, otherwise Elsa Fırça undertakes to use all her legal rights. Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the use of the site.

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