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How Do You Dye Your Hair at Home During the Pandemic Period?

Many women dye their hair at home to save money and time. In this pandemic period, dyeing hair at home is very popular! Learning how to dye your hair at home is extremely easy once you know the right tips and tricks of hair coloring. Get ready to see how easy it is to dye your hair at home for results that can compete with any salon!

Make sure you prepare everything first!

Dyeing your hair at a time you have reserved for yourself at home will help you get the best result. When dyeing your hair, you can wear an old T-shirt and use an old towel hanging around your neck to prevent the paint from ruining your clothes.

Ignore the instructions in the booklet.

It is always recommended to dye your hair one day when your hair has not been washed. This is because the color is better absorbed in freshly unwashed hair, as the hair’s natural oils prevent the dye from damaging the scalp. Also, when you dye your hair at home, your hair must be dry. Follow the instructions on how long the dye should stay in your hair, as you definitely don’t want to leave the dye in your hair for too long. Before dyeing the hair, learn more about having a healthy scalp.

Before dyeing your hair a permanent color, you can try a semi-permanent dye.

Temporary hair dye is a great way to experiment with different colors before deciding on a color you really like. You can dye your hair at home to avoid expensive salon treatments, but leave it for a few months between different colors. This type of dye lasts for about six weeks, or about nine shampoo washes can be done if you’re careful. Don’t forget to use shampoo for colored hair to make the paint last longer!

Make sure to comb your hair completely!

Before dyeing your hair, you should comb it well. Because while dyeing your hair, you can dye your hair more easily and apply the dye evenly to your hair.

Use Vaseline to prevent your hair dye from getting on your skin.

Another great tip on how to dye your hair at home is to rub Vaseline on the top of your forehead, ears and behind your neck. This will prevent the dye from staining your skin. You can also wash off dye that has gotten on your skin after you dye your hair, but it will be quite difficult, so it will be better for you to avoid smudging at first! When dyeing your hair, always use the gloves included in your hair dye package and divide your hair into four sections to make coloring easier.

Use gloves!

Generally, gloves come out of the paint cans you buy. But even if it does not come out, be sure to use gloves on your hands while dyeing your hair. Otherwise, your hands may be damaged and paint may be contaminated. You don’t want this to happen.

Use a paint mixing bowl and hair coloring brush.

You can use the professional hair coloring set that we produce as Elsa Brush by following the instructions on the paint box. According to the instructions, squeeze the paint and oxidant lotion that came out of the box and are told to be mixed into the paint container and make it homogeneous with a brush.

You should apply the dye to the hair in sections.

If you want the dyeing process to be distributed evenly and perfectly, you should divide your hair into several parts and fasten it with the help of a hairpin. In this way, you can take a pinch and paint and proceed evenly in this way.
After applying the dye evenly on your hair with the help of a paint brush, you can have the dye well fed into your hair with the glove you wear.

Make sure you set the time well!

This is the last and very important step for the health of your hair. After dyeing your hair, you should calculate the time required for holding the dye determined for you according to the instructions in your dye box. In fact, it will be healthier to set an alarm for this. It is an important step for your hair dye to work on your hair, to color it correctly and to wash your hair without harming your hair.

Rinse your hair.

After dyeing your hair and completing the waiting process, it’s time to rinse. For this, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Continue rinsing until the dye is well removed from your hair. After waiting for a while after rinsing, you should wash your hair again with shampoo and apply conditioner. After you finish this process, you can dry and style your hair in the same way you always dry and style your hair.

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